We Both Wear Diamond Butt Plugs

She wanted me to try it out
So I got my own Fancy Yellow Diamond Butt Plug!

I bought her a pink diamond butt plug but she wasn’t sure so she asked me to wear one. I was down for the adventure so I ordered a fancy yellow diamond plug. She said that if she was gonna wear one she was gonna put mine in first.

I layed on the bed and she put my legs in the air. She begin to tease my cock with her tongue to warm me up. With her mouth on my cock she lubed me up with a finger first. While maintaining eye contact and her lips wrapped around my member she popped it in without warning. What a rush!

I jumped off the bed and through her down and then performed the same stunt and she loved it. We didn’t wait around for anymore foreplay and got to it like some rabbits. It was over in a few minutes, she came first and then I joined in.

Damn we’ll have to do that again!

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