Submissive Secert Slut Fox Tail Plug in Public

Lake View on the Picnic Bench

Submissive Secret Slut decided to spend her day by the lake shore. She wore her fox tail plug, excited by the idea of flaunting her kinky side in public. She enjoyed the warmth of the sun on her naked skin as she walked to the picnic bench overlooking the lake. She decided to kneel on the bench, her fox tail plug now up in the air. She felt the cool breeze blow past her exposed body as she gazed out over the vast expanse of water.

As she enjoyed the view, she couldn’t help but feel an intense sexual desire wash over her. The rush of adrenaline and the thrill of being naked in public with her fox tail plug was too much for her to handle. She began to touch herself, craving to be taken on the bench but she was alone. Her arousal grew more and more intense as she got lost in the moment, forgetting that she was in a public space.

Submissive Secret Slut pleasured herself until she reached a powerful orgasm. She let out a scream of pleasure, not caring if anyone heard her. She then slowly stood up, her fox tail plug still sticking out of her behind, and made her way back to her car, feeling satisfied and fulfilled by her adventurous day by the lake.

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